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This blog is intended to offer news about the Dayton, Indiana,  community. In an attempt to learn how to do it, I am starting with a few news items from early newspapers. There have been several newspapers covering the Dayton, Indiana, community, mostly of short duration. These include:

  • The Dayton Vidette, published during the 1870s by Lewis Dryer and Wilbur Baker. Several copies are extent. There are copies in the Indiana State Library on microfilm. I have copies of several, including one about the death of Father James A. Carnahan, Wabash country missionary and founding pastor of Dayton Presbyterian Church, in 1876.
  • The Dayton Square Dealer, one clipping, an 1882 wedding announcement for Wm H. Frantz and Julia Royal.
  • Dayton Items in Lafayette newspapers, about 1900-1970.
  • The Dayton Post Herald, a non-partisan newspaper, one issue from 1904. Charles Godfrey, editor; B. C. Sharpe, business manager. Printed local news, ads, and serial stories.
  • The Dayton Tattler, published by the vocational class at Dayton High School from 1918 to 1920. Covered school news as well as community news and advertisements. It was printed on a printing press that the mens’ class at the Presbyterian church purchased for printing church bulletins and shared with the school.
  • Widmer’s Store News, one issue from 1923. Included local news, ads,  jokes, and a serial (“Aboriginal History of Indiana”), as well as ads for store items.
  • The Dayton Herald, published by the Dayton Presbyterian church in the 1940s, typed and mimeographed. One issue from 1941.  This was the church newsletter, but it included community news as well.
  • The Daytonian, the name of the school paper published (on mimeograph) by the senior class at Dayton School in the 1950s and early 1960s. The content was almost entirely school related.

Dayton Items

Starting in the early 1900s, there were regular items in the Lafayette papers sent in by community correspondents and known as the Items for whatever community the correspondent represented. Below are a couple of excerpts from the Dayton Items.

News from 1903, Lafayette Daily Courier, Dayton Items

October 16, 1903

  • Wm. Widmer, who had his leg broken while practicing football last week, is doing as well as could be expected.
  • The Dayton football team [dubbed the Tigers in another column] is glad to announce that it is now perfect in organization and is ready to issue or accept challenges from any or all teams from surrounding towns. Address all communications to Harry Freeman, Dayton, Ind. The following is the line-up: C. Peters; r.g., Peterson; l.g., Allen; r.t., Hallman; l.t., Vanderkhoff; r.e., Sims; l.e., Johnson; q.b., John Widmer; r.h.b., Gibson; l.h.b., Krall; f.b., Sharpe. The team will meet for practice next Monday night.
  •  Photo property of Julia Alice Widmer  Yost. 

October 30, 1903

  • The Dayton Tigers are eager for a game of football but cannot get any games.

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Interested in local history and genealogy, and passionate about community.
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  1. Susan says:

    The title of this blog comes from the name of the school newspaper when I was in high school many years ago. I thought it would be a good idea to have a community newspaper, and this seemed like an easy way to do it.

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